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About Us

ProClaims EMS Billing’s sole focus is third party ambulance billing. Ambulance Billing is our only business, allowing us to focus on each client’s individual requirements and the needs of their patients. We work to maximize your revenue, increase your billing efficiency, and maintain the highest levels of patient/customer care to keep you in the best light with your residents and patients.

Reliable, quality billing is part of the the total transportation process. We strive to make this part of that process as transparent to your patients as possible. When we do have to contact a patient, we make it as pleasant an experience as we can.

We are very aware of the relationship between you and your patients/residents. ProClaims will treat them as if they were one of our own, with the care and respect you would expect from a quality billing service.

At ProClaims Billing we strive to give the best service possible to our clients, our community and to ourselves.

Founder & CEO

Our History

ProClaims EMS Billing can trace its origins back to 1974; almost 50 years of billing experience. It all started when the Goeggel Company purchased the ambulance service assets of Pfitzinger Mortuary. Several other ambulance services were acquired, including Gateway Ambulance, the name the company adopted. Gateway was a successful fee for service provider, and was approached by a local fire protection district to provide billing services for them. Gateway management agreed, and the foundation of today’s ProClaims was born.

Within a short period of time additional municipal and fire protection districts that provided ambulance service also requested third party billing services from Gateway. To provide focused attention and the highest quality service to these clients Gateway created a separate division, Professional Claims Processing (PCP). When the ambulance portion of the business was sold, PCP changed its name to ProClaims EMS Billing, focusing and re-dedicating itself exclusively to providing billing services for the EMS industry.

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12166 Old Big Bend Road,
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