ProClaims EMS Billing can trace its origins back to 1974 when Robert I. Goeggel started The Goeggel Company and purchased the ambulance service assets of Pfitzinger Mortuary. The company then acquired Gateway Ambulance Service, among others, in 1985 and adopted the Gateway name. Building on its years of experience as a fee for service provider Gateway was responsible for many “firsts” in the region, including two successful Medicare rate increases through the Inherent Reasonableness process. Due to its successes, Gateway was approached by a local fire protection district to provide billing services. The District was not having much success and believed an outside billing service could do a better job than they were doing. The management of Gateway agreed, and the foundation of today’s ProClaims was born.

Within a short period of time additional municipal and fire protection districts that provided ambulance services also requested billing services. To better define the billing service portion of the business the company adopted the name Professional Claims Processing. PCP as it was known, became a division of Gateway’s parent company, and was set up to handle billing for the EMS industry. When the ambulance service portion of the company was sold, Professional Claims Processing changed its name to ProClaims EMS Billing to reflect its focus and re-dedication to billing exclusively for the EMS industry.

ProClaims continues to build and expand its expertise, building on the 34 years of ambulance billing experience gained through its affiliation with its former sister company. Capitalizing on the experience of billing tens of thousands of trips annually, including billing for both ourselves and our EMS clients, we bring that knowledge with us to ProClaims EMS Billing. Our change of name and logo reflects our dedication to Fire and EMS services through professional EMS billing and quality patient care.

Over the years ProClaims’ experience has taught us that an ambulance transport doesn’t end when the patient reaches the hospital. ProClaims is very sensitive to the relationship between our clients and the patients/residents they serve. We will work diligently to maintain that relationship in the highest possible light.

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